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  • Better Health Starts with Mom

    Better Health Starts with Mom

    When a mother is healthy her family has a better chance to prosper. Her household is more likely to have better nutrition, education and income potential. But it goes beyond her door: Investing in maternal health has a magnifying effect across society. Consider this from The Lancet’s recent commentary”...

  • Countdown to Zero Transmission

    Fashion’s leading voices are uniting to help eliminate the transmission of HIV from mothers to children in 2015. Learn more and follow the Born Free campaign. http://bornfreeafrica.org

  • Model Maternity Care

    Model Maternity Care

      A model maternity center in Ethiopia has reached a milestone in safe deliveries. 5,000 happy birthdays is something to celebrate in a country where 90% of women give birth at home unsupervised by medical personnel. In Hawassa, a region south of Ethiopia’s capital city, a group of doctors...


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