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“It always seems impossible until it’s done.”  Nelson Mandela

The path to end global poverty begins with better health for moms.  Yet of all the eight Millennium Development Goals set to advance global growth and prosperity the least progress has been made toward improving maternal health.

Only half of women in developing countries receive the recommended healthcare during pregnancy & childbirth.  This half needs better information about their rights to care and access to a full range of safe birth services.

At LKF we champion innovative approaches to expand safe motherhood education and services to women at greatest risk through advocacy and seed funding.  Stay up to date on our work through our newsletters.


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Our Projects

Hawassa Safe Mothering Initiative

LKF funds the training of clinical staff as part of this public private partnership with the Government of Ethiopia and a network of donors.  The Hawassa Safe Mothering Center is a pilot high-volume care center located at a regional hospital in south-central Ethiopia where the rate of doctors/population is 1 for every 150,000.

The Ethiopian North American Health Professional Association (ENAHPA) manages the Hawassa center.  Founded in Detroit, Michigan, this network of over 1,000 medical professionals from the Ethiopian diaspora community prioritizes improving treatment and clinic management. Visit ENAHPA.

Durame Safe Birth Supplies Project

In 2010 the Liya Kebede Foundation equipped the pediatric ward of the Durame District Hospital in southeastern Ethiopia with obstetric and neonatal surgical equipment and supplies.  The hospital serves an estimated 850,000 people. The effort was co-funded and managed by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine’s outreach program.

Our Campaigns

Bullhorn iconAdvocacy to transform health policies and practices is key to improving care for mothers everywhere.  LKF works with experts in the field to raise awareness and create new connections in support of safe motherhood.  See our most recent campaigns:

Postpartum Care

Preventing Mother to Child Transmission of HIV

Saving Newborn Lives in Ethiopia

Our Networks

connecting hands iconReaching women with quality maternal healthcare requires the expertise, voices, and skills of a spectrum of organizations. LKF proudly collaborates within leading maternal and newborn health networks to expand the impact of our work.



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