Five Ways To Fundraise Money For Your Sports Team

Five Ways To Fundraise Money For Your Sports Team

Sport is an essential part of the Norwegian school system, and kids enjoy participating in various outdoor activities. While schools cover some basic costs, such as equipment, coaches, and other necessary expenses, they still need money for snacks, in between meals, short trips, and sometimes championships.

But this is the part where everyone else gets involved, to fundraise money for sports teams, or in Norwegian, dugnad idrettslag. To find more about this tradition, please visit Norgesbriketten’s Dugnad Idrettslag. We should only mention that dugnad is an integral part of their culture, where people get together to contribute to a noble cause.

Now, let’s see how sports teams in Norway find money to finance their activities.

Voluntary work

Usually, during the season shift, people organize sale days, where they order various items, sell them, and leave the profits afterward. Luckily, a lot of companies in Norway are part of the dugnad tradition, and they specifically manufacture various stuff that kids could sell.

However, in order to distribute them more efficiently, students often announce dugnad over the internet so that various people can participate. For example, their parents’ colleagues and friends can engage in this voluntary work to help kids fundraise enough money for their activities.

The sale of toilet paper and paper towels

The two can significantly contribute to dugnad, and it’s one of the most generous ways to raise money for sports teams. You would be surprised how much money kids can generate through the sale of toilet paper, in some cases up to NOK 200,000 annually.

For example, they organize a sale day, where they would offer toilet paper at a slightly higher price. However, since everyone is familiar with the dugnad tradition, they are more than ready to help.


More often than not, people need firelighters in their homes. For that reason, this an excellent opportunity to fundraise money while selling these items, and with minimal effort, you can finance different sports activities.

For example, one box contains more than 100 ignition briquets, and students sell them separately or in a bundle. Households that burn wood require a regular refilling of tin bags; therefore, kids often target them for their dugnad activities.

Considering students need money for their sports teams, a lot of people will buy firelighters, even if they don’t need them at the moment.


Twice a year, schools organize the sale of socks; usually in the spring, they sell ankle spring socks, while in autumn, they choose to sell regular dress socks. Students can select different types of materials, depending on demand. For instance, bamboo and environmentally-friendly materials are quite popular among the Norwegian population.

Gift cars

Last but not least, gift cards represent another way to fundraise money for sports teams. They come in envelopes and are suitable for various occasions. Students often choose a high-quality and appealing design, so they can sell them quickly. Once bundle usually contains ten cards and they might be great for birthdays, weddings, and other celebrations.