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Facial Hygiene Treatment

Skin is the human body’s largest organ and it is a natural barrier against external influences. There are so many external influences to which we are exposed daily. Whether it is polluted air in urban areas, ultraviolet radiation, consumption of non-organic food, polluted water, alcohol, or excessive and inadequate exposure to sunlight, low temperatures, wind, tobacco smoke, and daily makeup are factors that negatively affect the general facial skin condition.

Before any specific facial treatment, it is advisable to carry out a deep cleansing of the skin.

A treatment that effectively helps us nourish the skin and preserve its protective functions is a facial hygiene treatment. That is a basic facial care treatment that can be used for all skin types and conditions for deep pore cleansing. This eliminates all the accumulated impurities, and it also lets the skin oxygenate properly so it becomes clean and radiant. After this skin is in perfect conditions to receive and benefit from the treatments carried out afterwards.

What Is Facial Hygiene Treatment?

With hygienic facial treatment, you will free your skin from dirt, excess sebum, dead skin cells, blackheads, and other similar changes. This particular facial treatment is a part of personal hygiene and includes cleansing the skin and the pores, as well as hydrating the skin and strengthening the microcirculation. Increased microcirculation accelerates the production of collagen and elastin, giving the skin elasticity and firmness. Going through this treatment you will find out what is the condition of your skin and how to treat it properly. 

Hygienic facial treatment in Soze beauty salon usually takes one hour. This treatment is not universal. The cocktail of different products is made for every skin type and we give a recommendation for self-care work. 

Classic hygienic facial treatment includes:

  1. Removal of impurities from the skin. Facial hygiene treatment always begins with a so-called chemical cleaning that involves removing makeup, cream, and traces of other skin products by using milk and tonics,
  2. Mechanical exfoliation. It is applied on the wet face and with circular motions of the fingertips. Exfoliation is used to remove the surface layers of dead skin cells and it promotes cell regeneration and stimulates skin regeneration.
  3. Steam procedure. The surface of the skin is heating for easier manipulation and opens the pores.
  4. Cleaning of the pores through manual squeezing deep spots, acne, and comedones. 
  5. Soothing facial mask for disinfection and closing the pores. This mask soothes the skin and removes skin redness caused by mechanically treating the skin. 
  6. Face, neck, and cleavage massage with creams and serums.
  7. Putting on the mask that suits the client’s skin type to soothe and moisturize the skin.

The result is visible after just one procedure. Deep spots and acne are clean and the facial skin is brighter. Also, after the application of this treatment, deeper penetration of active substances into the skin is enabled, as well as their better utilization within other cosmetic procedures or home care.

When And How Often Is Facial Hygiene Treatment Performed?

This facial is a great treatment to have done once or twice a month (depending on the type and condition of the skin) to keep up a hygiene protocol that is necessary for skincare depending on the type and condition of the skin.

Facial hygiene treatment can be carried out independently and is ideal preparation for other treatments because only if the pores are clear and the skin properly prepared, they can receive and make the most of the active substances, and the effects of future treatments are better.

This is a procedure that is important to apply since puberty because most changes and skin problems begin at puberty, and among other things, it is useful to start as early as possible with adequate skincare, because it slows down the aging process, which helps to fight later appear and see on your skin. With acne-prone skin, it is vital to have a protocol in place to reduce flare-ups and ensure the skin is clean and free of infection.

With younger clients and people with acne-prone skin, treatments are done more often for therapeutic and aesthetic reasons. Mature skin is less exposed to such treatments due to the sensitivity of peripheral blood vessels and weakened tone.

Soze Beauty Skin Hygiene Tips!

  1. Never touch your face unless your hands are clean.
  2. Always wash your face before bedtime.
  3. Don’t pick pimples, you’ll get a scar!
  4. Listen to your esthetician and use the correct products.
  5. Be consistent with your skin regimen.
  6. Change your pillowcase often.