How do I start learning SEO?

SEO is a great marketing tool for everyone who runs or wants to open an online business. Learning the basics of operating SEO is not good enough. It would be best if you kept on updating yourself with new tips and tricks of using SEO to use it to enhance your ranking on search engines and even gain more knowledge and skills regarding usability and how to run your website.
There are SEO courses offered online by different expertise, and you can partake in these courses to advance your SEO usage skills. However, how do you learn SEO to better your website running abilities? In this article, we provide a guide on starting learning SEO.

• Start from the beginning

This is crucial for beginners. It would help if you started from SEO basics to understand the complex parts of utilizing SEO efficiently. Therefore, go online and find the websites offering SEO courses. The good thing with learning SEO is that you don’t necessarily need to find physical classes to learn, you can learn online, and some websites teach it for free.
However, consider enrolling in a paid course if you want to learn in-depth since the free courses do not offer all the teachings. The paid courses differ in different packages. So, find a suitable package for your level of learning and within your budget.

• Learn by practicing too

It is more understandable and makes more sense if you practice what you learn. So every lesson you take, go back to your website and apply that knowledge. Not only will it help you to understand your website better, but you will also remember more than just reading and practicing later. Besides, some people understand better through practical than reading notes. If you do not want to interfere with your business website, open a dummy WordPress or a blog site to use for practice purposes.

• Seek help from an expertise

In this case, we are not talking about the online experts but someone close to you who understands SEO very well. Taking your courses and putting what you learn to practice is good and will take you far in understanding SEO well. However, having deep conversations where you have a one-on-one discussion with someone well equipped with SEO skills will elevate your understanding much higher. With such a person, you can ask questions for clarity and even have him demonstrate to you how he has run a successful website or business using SEO.

• Join SEO learning group

They say two are better than one, right? So, if you want to be the best in SEO utilization and even get your site to a higher ranking, you need to sit where other gurus are. You will be surprised at how much you can learn from other SEO gurus and how much you can also share with them. Remember that sharing what you know about SEO from the classes and learning from other people can help boost your understanding. You can discover many tips to use in your SEO usage in such groups.

• Stay updated with the SEO world

What you learn today about SEO may differ tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. Also, considering the marketing world has enormous competition, you need to constantly update what the SEO world is doing to keep up with the competition. This means that what you learn during your courses is not enough, be sure to follow specialists who will equip you with additional knowledge and skills regarding SEO and the current market.
The good thing is that social media like Twitter have made communication relatively easy all over the world. You can follow SEO specialists on these socials and engage in SEO conversations.

• Don’t give up

You are not guaranteed that what you learn and utilize on your website will earn you a higher rank. The most crucial thing is that you are learning how to use SEO to improve your website. So, don’t be discouraged; get up, dust yourself, and learn some more even if you fail. Remember, as they say, practice makes perfect.


What are you waiting for? Enroll in that SEO course online and get equipped with skills and knowledge to use SEO to better your online business and website. Stay close to SEO experts and people who have succeeded through SEO, as they can give you a few tips. Also, don’t stop learning new advances in SEO.