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Benefits of hygienic facial treatment

Hygienic facial treatment is the basis of hygiene for every client who comes for facial treatment. Removing blackheads, squeezing blackheads, removing pimples, cleaning pores, and activating the circulation with facial massage is what is implied within the hygienic treatment.

Before the treatment, we suggest that you do a consultation, in order to know whether the hygienic treatment is really the best choice for your skin and the condition in which the skin is currently.

Everyday obligations and activities expose our facial skin to free radicals that affect the hygiene of the face itself. It is enough that we do not take off our make-up every day in the right way, as well as that certain internal influences affect our skin, and here are the problems that need to be solved with a hygienic facial treatment. In addition to all the internal influences, as well as personal negligence, there are also external factors, such as weather conditions, but also dust, and tobacco smoke that affects the impure skin of the face.

Commercialized products, such as micellar water are not a sufficient preparation to cleanse your skin from all the above effects after only one day. Imagine if you have been using a product for months or even years that simply does not clean everything from the skin of the face, how easy it is to form blackheads and acne. Cleaning blackheads with beauticians is a thing that we recommend that you do the cosmetic treatment once a month or once a month and a half, depending on the condition of the skin and the client’s habits.

Hygienic facial treatment – what is it?

Hygienic facial treatment in our beauty salon Sože beauty includes the following procedure: washing, facial massage, enzymatic peeling, steaming, squeezing, ozone disinfection, ampoule for the skin type, mask, and soothing cream. What is also the benefit of hygienic treatment in our salon is that you can also diagnose the face with a DERMAVIZUALIZER device, before the treatment itself and be sure that the hygienic treatment is what you need.

Hygienic facial treatment – why?

Treatment of facial cleansing from blackheads, ie. Hygienic facial treatment has the first “task” to clean your face of excess sebum, impurities, dead cells, blackheads, but also to prepare your face for facial skincare and subsequent treatments, whether hydration or rejuvenation. By the very procedure that was previously established in our system of work, we start the production of collagen and elastin. Facial massage is the main “culprit” for the reproduction of collagen and elastin, which slowly slows down after 25 years and affects the relaxation of tone and the appearance of wrinkles. In our salon, all new facial treatments are now done exclusively with Babor German medical cosmetics, as well as hygienic treatment. Babor cosmetics give maximum results, and your face soothes to the point that you can carefree continue the rest of the day without redness of the skin and scabs because of the mask we use. A recommendation from an expert such as adequate home care for your skin type is also a benefit provided by our salon because our cooperation continues after the facial treatment.

The beautician at the Sože beauty salon does the following during the hygienic facial treatment:

  • Washing
  • Facial massage
  • Enzymatic peeling
  • Mating
  • Manual squeezing
  • Ozone disinfection
  • Ampoule according to skin type
  • Soothing mask and cream

Who is facial hygiene treatment for?

The treatment is intended for literally all ages. Hygienic facial treatment is a treatment that provides clean, healthy, and well-groomed skin. All those who have never been to a beautician and want to remove pimples and blackheads from the skin of their face should start their care with hygienic treatment. The ideal time to start treatment is from puberty until retirement, because sebum and impurities constantly accumulate on the skin of our face and need to be removed daily at home, but also professionally at the beautician at least once a month for your skin condition.