The LKF or Lian Kaye Foundation was founded and built by Lian Kaye herself. It was ten years ago when Lian Kaye’s sister gave a risky and life-threatening birth to a baby girl. As the older sister, she was more than worried and anxious about its delivery especially when their mother suffered the same thing when giving birth to their youngest brother. It was a horrible experience for Lian, to know that her sister and future niece’s lives are at stake. However, much to her happiness, Lian’s sister gave birth safely, it was risky the whole labor but they were able to deliver this baby girl into this world safely.  

These situations gave Lian Kaye an idea to start an advocacy and projects for pregnant women who will be giving birth soon. It wasn’t easy doing things by herself but her sister was there and helped her with the things she wanted to do. Her sister wasn’t the only one who was there for her, she had the help of her friends as well. These friends of her supported her together with her whole family. After years of hard work, Lian finally managed to recruit more people to work with her. She also welcomed volunteers into the organization which helped her further improve the organization she founded. Now, Lian Kaye’s Foundation for pregnant women continues on. It never falters in helping women get the help they deserve. This organization proves to be an anchor when these women needed it the most. We make sure to do our best to help deliver their babies safely especially when situations are risky.  

Many people keeps on showing interest in our advocacy through the years and we are just glad to encourage them to participate in our activities. Such activities include conducting seminars and programs that aim to educate women. Thankfully, our mission proved to be successful throughout the years. We thank our supporters and sponsors in making this possible. 

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