Maine R. 

The LKF is really a great organization! It helped us learn more about the women’s pregnancy as well as the risks and danger if they don’t get the attention and care that they need. I really love what they fight for and their advocacy about women’s rights – to be able to give birth safely and receive the right medical attention from professionals. As a woman who is an expectant mother, I also want to be aware of the risks of pregnancy as well as giving birth. The foundation’s seminars helped me a lot and made me prepared for the future. 

Gia Y. 

Hello, Maine! It’s very interesting to know that you are eager to learn about pregnancy and giving birth. As a mother and as a recipient of the help provided by LKF in the past, I’m so happy to know that there are many people like me whose lives changed for the better after learning about the risks of birthing. I’m really glad that I was able to get the medical attention I need from this foundation. Not only me, but other mothers from this town as well. We barely have hospitals around and it was really a struggle to travel just to visit one just for consultations. However, through LKF, we had help. Treatment and other types of medical procedures became accessible which lessened the complications we suffered from during the time of our pregnancy. I was also healthier because of the free pre-natal vitamins this organization provided. I only hope that there are others who could get the same help.  

Maine R. 

It’s good to know that you were able to give birth successfully and safely, Gia. I guess they were really a great group and very helpful to a lot of people. I wish they would continue this foundation’s projects and programs for a long time. Soon, I’m thinking of allotting some time in helping and volunteering with this foundation. They are really an inspiration to me!