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The Lian Kaye Foundation would like to thank everyone who has been there with us all these years. Thank you for being supportive of our organization and foundation as well as our programs, seminars, and projects. Everything we did throughout the years wouldn’t be successful if it weren’t for those kind-hearted people who donated to us, gave us their personal help, and joined our organization. We hope that we gave the mothers out there a satisfying help from our group and we hope that we can continue doing this for as long as people, time, and our efforts can allow us. 

If you have questions about our foundation, please send us your message at and we will make sure to respond as soon as possible. You may also give us your messages on our forum but if you have ideas or suggestions, you could just send it to our other email address Thank you so much and we hope to be with you in our projects for a very long time. 

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